Danish Aerotech


Danish Aerotech is a Civil Defence and Aerospace Company, founded in 1992, and located in the former Royal Danish Air Force main facilities for aircraft maintenance, at Karup Air Base in Denmark.

Since 2003, Danish Aerotech has been a member of the Jutlandia Group. The aerospace activities within the Jutlandia Group cover: Maintenance Repair & Overhaul of fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and weapons systems – Manufacturing of mechanical parts, structures, electronics and assemblies for aircraft and helicopters – as well as Charter, Sales and Lease of aircraft and helicopters.

The Jutlandia Group has several locations in Denmark and abroad. Danish Aerotech’s headquarters is located at Karup Air Base, where we have 15.000m² of aircraft hangers, stores, and highly specialized workshops for total on-site support at our disposal, and is organized into two divisions; the Aerospace Division with focus on aircraft maintenance and the Structures and Parts Division with focus on the manufacturing of aircraft parts and assemblies. Danish Aerotech has also a location in Ballerup near Copenhagen, where we have 4.000m² dedicated to the manufacturing of electric and electronic components – this is our Electronics Division.

On an increasing number of projects Danish Aerotech takes advantage of the synergy achieved by combining our mechanical and electronic capabilities, providing more complex components, products and solutions to our customers.


Role in project

Danish Aerotech has a long tradition in the manufacturing of parts, components and assemblies for aircraft and helicopters. Since 1993 the manufacturing of Primary and Secondary Heat Exchangers for the F-16 has taken place at our Karup facilities. Since then, the mechanical manufacturing has expanded and today Danish Aerotech manufactures over 1.000 different parts and components for the aerospace industry from both sheet metal and solid bar/plate materials.

A selection of the resources and capabilities available are:

  • Machine shop with CAD/CAM and direct post-processing lathe and milling machines (3, 4 & 5 axis + high speed) and 3D Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine; Grinding and spark eroding machines, hydraulic presses, etc.
  • Sheet metal shop with ovens for heat treatment, bending & cutting machines, rubber press, riveting machines etc.
  • Certified welding shop capable of welding any material from titanium and aluminium to stainless steel and plain iron. The processes are TIG, MIG and MAG.
  • Vacuum brazing shop for brazing of heat exchangers and heat treatment of special alloys.
  • Non Destructive Inspection facility with Fluorescent Penetration Inspection (FPI); Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI); and Pre-Penetrant Etching capabilities.
  • Paint shop certified to epoxy, polyurethane and CARK paint and a Surface Treatment facility for Alodine 1200S (Chemical Film MIL-STD-5541).
  • Thermal Spray shop with plasma and flame spray capability using ceramics, carbides and metal powders and wires.
  • A fully automatic digitized 3D Zeiss CMM facility linked to our CATIA engineering suite.

Danish Aerotech’s role is to provide the Pre- & Post- manufacturing processes to assist in the completion of parts and components utilising the Additive Manufacturing process. Furthermore DA acts as an End-User MRO company to give guidance to the researchers, provide requirements and perform in the evaluation of the project results.



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