University of Paderborn

UPBIn 2008 a new institute, the Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC), was founded at the University of Paderborn (UPB). The DMRC is a proactive collaboration of interdisciplinary key technology stakeholders who have a common interest in advancing Rapid Prototyping technology into dependable, production rugged additive manufacturing technology. The close relationship to UPB is the most particular advantage of DRMC. The research group Computer Application and Integration in Design and Planning (C.I.K.) takes advantage of basic technologies and innovative IT concepts and technologies together with the related methodologies. The chair C.I.K. brings in knowledge based on the following specific research and work priorities:


    • Analysis of requirements in close cooperation with stakeholders based on the adaption and advancement of approved requirement engineering methods.
    • Application of software engineering methods from conceptual design to implementation of information systems.
    • Evaluation of research results and quality management in the product development with focus on usability of software solutions.


Role in project

The DMRC deals with generic, specific and advanced projects in the field of AM. Generic projects are basic technology oriented research tasks with the Partners of DMRC for instance “Product optimisation for SLM-process”. Specific projects deal with a particular technical task as the redesign of parts concerning weight and cost reduction or functional integration. Advanced projects concern overarching tasks related to AM like “Costing analysis for AM during product lifecycle” (i.e., one of the projects of the research group C.I.K.), “Quality management for AM processes” or “Direct manufacturing design rules”. A complete list of research projects and their descriptions is available on DMRCs web site. Furthermore, the DMRC is a major contributor to standardisation activities for AM-technology (e.g. ASTM) and for the publication of design rules for robust production with AM (VDI). The Centre is the first to develop robust design rules for the technology.

UPB will research certification technologies for AM spare parts for the aerospace sector, perform lifecycle cost and supply chain investigations and integrate the results from the different partners. The institute will work closely together with SLMG to develop a new production machine for MRO’s in AAT, supporting them with redesigns and material research. Furthermore UPB will be responsible for the management of the project. Results from former or current projects will help significantly to perform the tasks.




For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Christian Lindemann and Gereon Deppe.