O’Gayar Consulting


PLogo_ogayar 1-01O’Gayar Co. is a consulting firm focused on technology-based consulting firm providing clients with projects that allow them to be more competitive and encourage continuous improvement by means of IT Engineering, Automation & Lean – Mass Customization consultants.


  • Consulting: we help our customers create the form of work and organizational structure as optimal strategy.
  • Software & ICT: we offer our customers a range of standard products to cover the needs of enterprise management (ERP), process virtualization (DDN), product tracking, statistical process control (SPC), etc. and develop individual IT systems.
  • Automatisation: the Engineering Division is responsible for integration and automation to realize many consulting projects that require building a dedicated machine or the integration of robots and automatons in a new manufacturing process.
  • Aerospace: software solutions for aircraft maintenance agents: MRO, CAMO and COMPONENTS.


Role in project

O’Gayar will development an IT-system capable of supervise the supply chain process and able to integrate the different partners’ platforms to exchange the necessary information to each one according the phase requirements.



O’Gayar Consulting