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Deliverable list of the project

Del. No. Deliverable title Due date
D1.1 Project management manual and dissemination guidelines 07/2013
D1.2 Final project report 06/2016
D2.1 Draft Requirements specification of IT-System 12/2013
D2.2 Final Requirements specification of IT-System 06/2015
D2.3 Draft Requirements specification of certification processes 12/2013
D2.4 Final Requirements specification of certification processes 06/2015
D2.5 Draft of production, supply chain and workflow requirements specifications and process control system 12/2013
D2.6 Final version of production, supply chain and workflow requirements specifications and process control system 06/2015
D2.7 Report on TRL of considered technologies including technology development roadmap 06/2015
D2.8 Requirements specifications of potential parts and end-user guidance 12/2013
D2.9 Draft specification of RepAIR scenarios 02/2014
D2.10 Final specification of RepAIR scenarios 06/2015
D3.1 Process model encompassing different types of manufacturing and possible combinations and their specific supply chain requirements 06/2015
D3.2 Defined scenarios that will be considered in the following project steps 12/2013
D3.3 Comparison table that illustrates the specific aspects of different kinds of manufacturing processes, possible scenarios and its impact on lifecycle costs 10/2015
D3.4 Trade-off methodology for finding the compromise between economic and ecologic aspects of different manufacturing processes 04/2016
D3.5 Merge the result of previous task to a decision support methodology that determines the best repair solution for a specific part and its properties 06/2016
D4.1 Test rig requirement document 09/2013
D4.2 Test rig design documentation 12/2013
D4.3 Completion of the test rig 06/2014
D4.4 Detail experiment methodology and plan 09/2014
D4.5 Hybrid statistical/ modelling approach to estimate remaining life of the part 03/2015
D4.6 Integrated system for additive manufacturing and condition monitoring 09/2015
D4.7 Multi-objective optimisation approach for part-ordering in additive manufacturing 06/2016
D5.1 Realisation of clamping device for an identified part from LHT with set in stone positioning and orientation of the part multitude and cut-off parts on clamping system ready 12/2014
D5.2 Data preparation, test report on productivity increase, realisation of the 5-axis test and integration of multiple tool heads into the 5-axis test rig 06/2015
D5.3 Integration of the in-situ QA system in SLM machine, integration of parts on clamping system and optical verification of origin and parts positioning, parts repair, reverse engineering survey report 06/2015
D5.4 Realisation of the software solution for generating a three- dimensional area model and ascertaining the concrete need of repairs and integration of test rig in and final assembly of DMD prototype 10/2015
D5.5 RepAIR process report with DMD prototype, NDT and destructive test results on repaired parts with designed process distortions and surface finish procedure list 06/2016
D6.1 Report on the defined part classes and the criteria used for the classification 06/2014
D6.2 Report on optimised AM (SLM, EBM, and laser cladding) machine parameters for aluminium, titanium and nickel based alloys, respectively 04/2016
D6.3 Demonstration of the work flow developed for the hybrid manufacturing/ repair chain combining additive manufacturing and conventional subtractive machining 06/2015
D6.4 Report on the results from the mechanical, physical, and non-destructive tests and the influence of heat treatment and HIPing procedures as well as machine parameters on the properties 12/2015
D6.5 Prototypes of redesigned components with new functionalities optimized for the aeronautic industry 10/2015
D7.1 Conceptual design of the new certification processes 02/2015
D7.2 Quality manual model with specific procedures for the newly developed 05/2015
D7.3 IT system module “Quality assurance”: Specification 09/2015
D7.4 Pilot certification of one process/ material/ application 02/2016
D7.5 IT system module “Library Management” 01/2016
D7.6 7 pre-certified build files and 3 good practices 04/2016
D8.1 Function and requirements list, graphical and UML representation of the Central IT Node 02/2014
D8.2 Function and requirements list, graphical and UML representation of the components of the Central IT Node 02/2014
D8.3 Graphical and UML representation of the Knowledge and Parts material database 08/2014
D8.4 Report on the implementation of the Central IT Node and its components 12/2015
D8.5 Report on the Integration of the bridges and communications of the subsystems with the RepAir IT system 12/2015
D8.6 Report of integration and deployment of the overall Repair IT including check and acceptation by RepAIR IT agents and end-user 03/2016
D9.1 Report on evaluation results of first phase 12/2014
D9.2 Report on evaluation results of second phase 04/2016
D9.3 Final assessments of RepAIR results 06/2016
D9.4 Technology roadmap with tasks to increase TRL further to reach the overall goals by 2020 06/2016
D10.1 Project Web Site 07/2013
D10.2 Dissemination plan 12/2013
D10.3 Exploitation plan 06/2014
D10.4 First RepAIR workshop 01/2015
D10.5 Second RepAIR workshop 10/2015
D10.6 Final dissemination report 06/2016
D10.7 Final exploitation strategy 06/2016