RepAIR envisages to use the flexible availableness (even at the gate) allowing on-time maintenance. Through a higher level of automation and fewer stages of production, less personal costs are necessary reducing MRO costs. These operations require a higher qualification and promote the preservation and expansion of highly qualified workplaces in Europe. Moreover, the storage costs will be significantly reduced. As only raw material needs to be stored less capital is locked up. Additionally, hardly any energy-intensively produced raw material will be wasted, but used optimally. When looking ahead, the aid of AM allows shortening the entire spare parts supply chain to sending an e-mail. The benefit for all those involved, including the environment, is obvious. New business models will become sustainable. At the very end, the aim of the project is the shift from the “make” or “buy” decision towards the “make” by cost reduction in the remake and rework of spare parts.