Expected results

RepAIR will reduce MRO costs of complex spare parts by 30% and the turnaround time by 20% through the use of a combination of innovative technologies. For that reason it is essential to increase the technology readiness level (TRL) of innovative repair processes for ATT to level 4 focusing on the AM. Due to an integrated quality control and process data monitoring the holistic approach aims at designing new processes to decrease certification effort for additively manufactured AAT spare parts in terms of cost and time. The integration of the production and supply chain will help to increase the automation level for spare parts production by 20%. RepAIR will take “greening” aspects into account: The project envisages to reduce scrap and toxic chemicals in the repair process by 80% and part weight by min 20%. This is also supported by integrating continuous health management and usage based prognostics to reduce inspection time by 30%.
All of these results will strengthen the business model of European MRO service provider in the world by integrating a complete production and supply chain for complex spare parts. The holistic and sustainable approach of the RepAIR project implies to research on the prediction of costs and future possibilities of AM technologies for MRO in 2020.