Description of work

At first, the conventional MRO process for spare parts will be analysed in detail to get special insights in requirements on an enhanced MRO using AM. Then several activities lead to the enhanced MRO process (topmost layer). To get the highest benefit out of the process, two different levels of automation in every step of the MRO production are considered. Option A represents the introduction phase of the concept whilst Option B leads to the fully established process. As the quality requirements play a crucial role in every task and all tasks produce relevant documentation for the further certification, these issues will be treated in parallel to the production layer. The lowermost layer represents the cross cutting issues of costs, supply chain and the new workflows with special attention to IT support: An exact pre-calculation is crucial for a correct “make” or “buy” decision; therefore, a decision support tool and a production planning and control system will support the cost calculation for both alternatives, the provision of correct advice and management of the enhanced MRO production process.